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Tips For Installing Crown Molding

Posted on 28 April 2018 by admin (0)


Installing crown molding is a pretty much easy thing to do as all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • What type of crown molding do you intend using? A lot of factors should be considered when making this decision such as where you intend to install the crown molding.
  • Cut the corners of the molding. This is arguably the hardest part of installing a crown molding. Due to the fact that the crown molding’s position is the angle between the wall and the ceiling, the corners can’t be cut anyhow.
  • Measure and mark the wall. Measure the wall to ascertain the length of molding to use. Mark the wall to signal the bottom edge of the molding and prevent errors.
  • Cut the first measured piece. After you might have ascertained the length, cut the molding at a 90-degree angle so that both ends of the molding rest against the side walls.
  • Cope the joint. You want to be sure the moldings cope with each other. This is done by using a coping saw to trim out any lines that prevent them from achieving that coping status.
  • Check the fit. To show any gaps that might need to be trimmed, check the fit of the molding against a scrap piece of molding. The coping saw can also be used here to make sure they fit perfectly.
  • Attach the molding to the wall. Once you are certain you got the right fit, proceed to the wall with the molding. For a molding of length, you are going to need the help of another individual in the holding aspect. Attach the end of the molding to the corner, pushing it to make it fit as perfectly as possible as you try to attach it to the wall.

Once the molding has been successfully attached to the wall, you are done. All that is left is finishing touches; you can decide to make use of little pieces of molding and a gum to cover up openings that might appear between the corners and the moldings.