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Benefits of Installing a Crown Molding for your Ceiling

Posted on 20 July 2020 by marycimeni (0)

Crown moldings are stylish and beautiful. It plays an essential architectural role and helps determine whether the room is more casual or private. While they serve mainly as decorative elements to your ceiling, it actually has a lot of benefits. The following are great benefits of installing a crown molding throughout your home.

It improves the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Larger rooms and wider ceiling can look great with larger crown moldings. Crown moldings can add a curb appeal, protection, and uniqueness to your ceiling. You may have seen crown moldings in formal offices but adding them to your own house can turn a simple design into an elegant one.

It adds a visual appeal

Simple moldings are perfect for minimalist houses but crown moldings can add a unique visual effect to your interior. It makes your living room posh and sophisticated especially with the right combination of paint.

Done well, a crown molding can make your home look well-crafted and solid. Adding crown moldings to older homes is also a great way to upscale its rustic ambiance and give it a more beautiful finish.

It adds style to your home and is perfect for high ceilings.

Crown moldings are more suitable for large scale rooms and high-altitude ceilings. This makes your ceilings more detailed and attractive.  You can even add other moldings around your fireplace and baseboards.  The overall architectural style is very traditional but classy. Think about the mid-century and contemporary houses in western countries. Crown moldings will always save the day.

It creates a wide look for your interior.

Combining a crown molding with other types of molding can create a spacious ambiance. It makes your home look wide and breathable owing to the beautiful molding. 

However, take note that for you to be able to reap real benefits of the crown molding you need to make sure that its width is proportional to the height of your ceiling. If your room has 8 to 9 feet ceiling then you should look for a crown molding that is around 5 inches wide. You need to contact an architect or design expert to help you with the sizes.