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How to Refurbish Your Window Shutters

Posted on 05 May 2018 by admin (0)

If you are looking to paint your shutters, removing them can be a little tricky. Special fasteners are used for most shutters, they look like screws but they can’t actually be removed using a screwdriver or standard drill.  I recently helped my cousin refurbish his home, including his windows and shutters and trim. 

He did all his own interior and exterior painting, which only makes sense, as he is the owner of a local painting company (Mesa Painting Pros).  Here are the steps we took to replace the window shutters on his stucco home.  And, there is a short video below that we used to paint them. 

Removing shutters

  1.      Inspect the shutters’ face to know where fasteners are located.
  2.      Use a screwdriver or a drill to attempt to remove the fasteners. Remove all the screws and bring down the shutters.
  3.      If standard screws weren’t used for your shutters, pull the edge of your shutter away from the wall so you’ll easily identify where the fastener passes into the wall.
  4.      Place a sharp chisel behind the shutter and tap it in sharply with your hammer to break the fasteners into half. Do the same for all fasteners, then you bring the shutters down.

Painting the shutters

  1.  Carefully check for wasps or other insects
  2.  Clean the shutters
  3.  Scrape any loose paint
  4.  Determine if a coat of primer need to be added
  5.  It is recommended not to paint in a color darker than the existing color
  6.  Use a 100% acrylic paint because they are durable, resistant to fading, adhere properly, dry fast and can be washed off the brush with just soap and water
  7.  Mildewcide can be added to the paint if there is a problem of mildew growing on the shutters
  8.   Use a good quality firm brush, do not use a stiff polyester blend brush
  9.   Paint in the shade

Re-installing the shutters

  1.      Place the shutter next to the window
  2.      Using a ¼ in. drill, predrill into the shutter before attaching to the wall
  3.      With the shutter against the wall, drill through the shutter into the surface of the wall 3 ¼ in. deep. Ensure the holes are deep enough as to prevent the shutter fasteners from shooting out. Normally, the fastener will be less than 3 in. long.
  4.      Hold the fastener supporting shank and then push it through the hole in the shutter and then into the surface of the wall. Tap the fastener gently using a hammer. Do not over tighten the hammer because it caused the shutter to dimple.

With these steps, you have successfully removed, painted and re-installed your shutters without breaking too much sweat in the process.