The Living Room Checklist – What You Need to Get

Posted on 23 November 2020 (0)

Are you ready to decorate your room? Well, shopping for your living room can be a daunting task especially if you have no idea what to buy. So we’ve thought about creating a handy checklist that you can bring.  Read on and get some shopping ideas from our checklist.


By a long shot the main class of family room stylistic theme is the furnishings. Furniture occupies the most room and in this way is regularly the principal thing somebody will see when they stroll into your parlor. While there are a wide range of potential setups, we trust some parlor furniture is basically basic to any home. This part will incorporate a variety of parlor furniture thoughts and some data on these staples.


You got it. Likely the absolute most significant household item in any parlor is the couch. Lounge chairs will in general be the biggest and most costly pieces you will purchase, and we as a whole have a significant ability to have a comfortable spot to rest our bodies in the wake of a monotonous day. Besides, everything else in the room will in general rotate around the couch – so this is a decent spot to begin looking for lounge furniture to set a benchmark for both financial plan and style.

End table

Thus, you’ve picked your couch. You are looking extraordinary so far and now have the focal point of your lounge room set up! What’s next? Numerous individuals love end tables since they give a focal surface zone to glasses, magazines, TV controllers, and so forth. In any case, some lean toward a more ‘open’ feel to their lounge and pick to go with end tables instead of a foot stool.

Reclining seats

Complement seats and chairs are incredible approaches to give additional seating to your visitors in a front room. They should be added after a couch, in light of the fact that their style must supplement that of your couch. Some ‘couch seats’ come as a feature of a set with your couch, so you should think about creating your life simpler by picking this alternative.

Here are some more things to add:

·         Bookshelf – if you’re a book type of person

·         Bean couch – if you like playing video games

·         Side tables

·         Plants – it adds more oxygen in your living space

·         Rugs

·         Carpets

In the end, you can add a personal touch. Make sure your living space is something you would always want to look at and stay when you get home.

Benefits of Installing a Crown Molding for your Ceiling

Posted on 20 July 2020 (0)

Crown moldings are stylish and beautiful. It plays an essential architectural role and helps determine whether the room is more casual or private. While they serve mainly as decorative elements to your ceiling, it actually has a lot of benefits. The following are great benefits of installing a crown molding throughout your home.

It improves the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Larger rooms and wider ceiling can look great with larger crown moldings. Crown moldings can add a curb appeal, protection, and uniqueness to your ceiling. You may have seen crown moldings in formal offices but adding them to your own house can turn a simple design into an elegant one.

It adds a visual appeal

Simple moldings are perfect for minimalist houses but crown moldings can add a unique visual effect to your interior. It makes your living room posh and sophisticated especially with the right combination of paint.

Done well, a crown molding can make your home look well-crafted and solid. Adding crown moldings to older homes is also a great way to upscale its rustic ambiance and give it a more beautiful finish.

It adds style to your home and is perfect for high ceilings.

Crown moldings are more suitable for large scale rooms and high-altitude ceilings. This makes your ceilings more detailed and attractive.  You can even add other moldings around your fireplace and baseboards.  The overall architectural style is very traditional but classy. Think about the mid-century and contemporary houses in western countries. Crown moldings will always save the day.

It creates a wide look for your interior.

Combining a crown molding with other types of molding can create a spacious ambiance. It makes your home look wide and breathable owing to the beautiful molding. 

However, take note that for you to be able to reap real benefits of the crown molding you need to make sure that its width is proportional to the height of your ceiling. If your room has 8 to 9 feet ceiling then you should look for a crown molding that is around 5 inches wide. You need to contact an architect or design expert to help you with the sizes.

How to Repair a Hole in Your Wall

Posted on 21 October 2019 (0)

Holes in the wall are inevitable. The drywall could only withstand limited abuse and child’s play or even a flinging the door open a little too hard may cause damage. Some holes are oddity but some can be an eyesore. Fixing your drywall hole is not tedious that you think. It can be easily fixed by amateur homemakers if the following tips are followed.

Prepare the necessary things needed for the repair.

Things that you require are replacement drywall, a keyhole saw, self-adhesive wire mesh, joint compound, a putty knife, and sandpaper.

Clean the hole carefully.

Wipe away debris from the damage. You should need to make sure that no hanging loose drywall is still attached on the surface.

Then cut a section of self-adhesive wire mesh. The size needs to be 2-3 inches larger than the hole. After that, you have to place the wire mesh over the damaged portion and press it firmly to keep it in the right place. You can also use fiberglass mesh tape as the alternative of a wire mesh. Just simply stretch the tape over the hole until it is covered completely.

Now, patch the wire mesh with drywall patching compound or joint compound until completely covered. Blend in the edges of the compound with the wall to make it inconspicuous. Smoothen the whole layer and get rid of rough edges with the putty knife. You can also apply and smoothen out the drywall joint compound to section 2-3 times until your desired coverage is obtained.

Follow these tips for larger holes…

For larger holes to fill, you will need to hold up a section of new drywall over the hole and cut through both portions of the drywall using a keyhole saw.

  • Slide the drywall patch into place and secure it with the adhesive wire mesh. Apply the joint compound with a putty knife to completely cover the patch and adhesive wire mesh. Blend the joint compound to blurring the edges and let it dry completely.
  • Let the compound dry completely and sand the final layer using sandpaper to make it smooth and even. Wipe the dust that came from the sanding and touch up the patch with wall paint. You may repeat adding a joint solution to the wall until you are satisfied.
  • Sand the edges and rough surfaces with sandpaper. Wipe away any dust or debris from the sandpaper and cover the patch with primer and paint that matches your wall or get a wallpaper extra to place it directly on top of the hole.
  • Aside from buying all the materials separately in a hardware store, look for a drywall fixing kit right away to make things easier. In that case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions in using this set of drywall repair materials.

Patching up your home and keeping it clean and in order will always make an impression on your visitors. Give time to inspect your home for the constant home improvements that you need to do. You may also consult your local hardware personnel to introduce to you new products on drywall repair.


5 Simple Steps to Install Storage Shelves in Your Garage

Posted on 28 March 2019 (0)

A messy garage is indeed an eyesore; when you look at the mess, you see all sort of crammed objects. Being motivated, you begin to minimize the clutter by getting rid of the useless items and arranging the remaining things in order. Now where will you keep them and how will you be assured of the continued state of cleanliness and orderliness in your garage. You will then decide to use garage storage shelves.

Now, let’s have a look at how exactly to install storage shelves in your garage:

Step 1: Consider which equipment should need to be used.

To install a standard shelf, you’ll need suitable wall anchors. When the wall anchors are being introduced, a hole should be drilled into the drywall, and then the anchors can be inserted to hold the screws securely. For cinder block walls, lead anchors will be needed to grip the screws.

Step 2: Select the proper locations for the standards.

Place the shelf on the wall. First and foremost, measure how far you’ll like your shelf to be from the floor or the ceiling and then mark the desired spot for the bottom or top of each standard shelf. After doing this, you’ll have to decide on how far apart the standards have to be to hold the shelf. Then, measure up the length of the shelf, giving at least 8 in of overhang on the exterior of each standard, as to not allow the shelf to be placed on the very edge of the brackets.

Step 3: Mark the positions of the anchor and insert.

Place the first standing up on the wall, and confirm it is both plumbed vertically and leveled horizontally with the aid of a level. The standard will have open holes meant for screws; place a pencil inside each hole to mark the position for the wall anchor. Find the studs in the walls using a stud sensor to locate them.

Take this standard off the wall. Then, insert the anchors at the marked spot using a drill and screwdriver, or you can use a power screwdriver.

Step 4 : Attach the standards.

Line the standard correctly over the anchors and be sure once again that it is plumb and level. Then attach the screws through the slots on the rule and then into the anchors. Properly screw the standard.

Re-confirm the spacing between each standard and install the second standard using the above process.

Step 5: Insert the shelf brackets.

Correctly insert the brackets into the appropriate standard slot and gently tap them in with your hammer. Now, you can place your shelf on the brackets and start utilizing your new storage shelf!

You can build your storage shelves from scratch by using plywood or lumber available from the same source. Then for information on how to make the shelves, look at the web for instructions.


DIY Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted on 26 October 2018 (0)

Bathroom remodeling is the trending task in present days. Many homeowners pay particular attention to bathroom structures. Everyone loves renovating bathrooms more than kitchens. There is money concern also; the space of bathroom is smaller as compared to the kitchen, so typically one will have to spend less for a bathroom renovation project. Moreover, we all want a bathroom, a reflection of our style or status and deliver the comfort we need at the same time.

Following are some basic bathroom remodeling tips to aid you in best renovation:

Recess outer holdings

To get the classic look within small space, consider built-ins for all external holdings like recessed soap dish holders, medicine cabinets if any, and even sanitary roll holders, etc. It will upturn the space for vast remodeling.

Sizing with Color and Lighting

We all want to give a more significant look of a small bathroom; this is possible with the right choice of color and lighting.  Make sure your color palette stays in the white-to-cream color, this color in spectrum aids to give a more significant look. Likewise in lighting, usually we use ceiling fixtures. For the more significant look and vintage look consider lighting around the bathroom mirror in sconces.

Dim Lighting & Extra Pieces for Mood

Dimmer switch a simple device will add mood to your bathroom. It’s perfect for late night relaxing baths. It should at the top of your remodeling tips list. For more relaxing mode add extra pieces to give an appealing look to your bathroom like a cute cupboard with vibrant color, a beautiful chair in a corner, the freestanding section as a design element, only if space permits.

Bath Tub & Commode Position 

Make sure a toilet/commode or bathtub should not be positioned as facing the door. This makes the bathroom space messy; set the position at sides and far from the door, also get the rounded rod of the shower, to give a quirky look of the bathroom.

Wall Protection and Beautification

The decorative beading has two great functions or benefits. First, it provides a distinctive antique look, and it is so easy to add during remodeling. Secondly, it is helpful in protecting the lower section of the walls from splashes of water that occur from tub and shower naturally.

Fixtures makeover with paint

During bathroom remodeling make sure to change the fixtures according to the paint color selection. If you want the soothing appealing look of the bathroom, then take time to think over the fixtures selection. It should be either matching to present color or in contrast of same.

Plan for shower storage

In case you have a separate shower section in place of a bathtub then plan storage in the shower. This will not only build up space around but will also give a modish look. Placing all body foams and gels in the area under shower will also make bath easier without much mess.

So, through careful planning and choosing the right design, paint, lighting, and structure, you can have it all.  The tips as mentioned above could turn your bathroom remodeling dream into reality.