A Short Trip To Singapore

Posted on 23 April 2018 (0)

Singapore is one of the most family and tourist-friendly destinations in Asia, not to mention ho green, clean and modern it looks there. In the past, some travelers criticized Singapore as a city that lacks passion and character unlike other cities in SE Asia. Now, the Lion City has changed, and it is now a center for fashion, art, culture and some big-name events.

Street vendors in Singapore line the roads selling ice cream, sandwiches, etc. when you visit Singapore, you’ll see that the fusion of the Malaysian, Chinese and Indian culture is really obvious and the people in the city are friendly.

With so much to do in this beautiful city, we’ve been able to narrow down the top-rated attractions that will definitely keep both adults and kids fully entertained.

  • Ethnic Quarters

The amalgamation of three ethnicities in the country brought about Singapore’s character. Therefore, wandering around Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong is totally unmissable. Though kids may find the furniture and antiques shops in Chinatowns boring, but they will fall in love with the traditional shophouses in different colors. Colors overflow in Little India also, from the jewel-colored saris to the red and gold colors of the spices laid outside in sacks. You can get wind-up toys for your kids in any of the shops in Kampong Glam.

  • Night Safari

Both adults and kids will fall in love with Singapore’s Night Safari; it takes guests in the city on a tram ride through a park consisting of just nocturnal animals living in their natural habitats. You’ll spot varieties of exotic creatures when you travel through the savannah, rainforest, and jungle.

  • Science Center

The Science Center is a museum that will entertain the kids. With 14 galleries of over 20,000 square feet, the Science Center is filled with interactive exhibits for the kids to get hands-on.

  • Jurong Bird Park

With 8,000 birds representing 600 different species in an area of 20.2 hectares, Jurong Bird Park is the right place for birdlife in the busy city. Some key attractions include the Bird Discovery Center, Lory Loft Aviary, African Waterfall Aviary, the award-winning African Wetlands, and the Southeast Asian Birds. The money paid for tickets is used to fund the avian hospital and the Breeding and Research Center for the welfare of birds across the world.

  • Botanic Gardens

The grounds of these gardens are a fabulous haven away from the busy life of the city. You can bring some bread to feed the fish, admire different species of trees, flowers, and plants, and even have a picnic lunch on one of the various lawns around.


Four Signs you need a Flat Roof Repair

Posted on 17 April 2018 (0)

Despite being one of the most important and valuable parts of a house, the roof is often neglected and ignored until when a serious problem is discovered. As a homeowner, you should realize that this is the part that protects your family, valuables, possessions, and the entire property from the elements. You should keep up with regular maintenance and inspect your commercial or residential flat roof so you can determine potential problems and fix them.

It’s important to know how to identify or rather spot different problems that are likely to occur on your flat roof over time. This will help you know when to contact a roofing contractor to help make the necessary repairs. Be sure to hire a roofing contractor who’s not only licensed and insured but is up to date with the new codes in your local area. If you see any of the following five signs on your flat roof, it’s time to contact a trusted roofing professional for repairs.

Extensive Pooling of Water

One of the issues you’ll face with your flat roof is pooling of water. The fact that you have a flat roof doesn’t mean it is okay when water pools on it. Any signs of water pooling on your roof, at least on a regular basis, should alert you to have it checked and repaired. At times, the solution to this problem could be to have your roof replaced. However, a professional roofer can use some specialized products to add a pitch to your commercial or residential flat roof to stop water from pooling. The extent of damage is what determines whether to repair or replace the roof.

Rips and Tears in the Roofing Material and/or seams

Tears and holes are common on flat roofs. You’ll notice this problem along seams in your roofing, especially where pieces of roofing materials were joined together. Whether to replace the entire flat roof or repair it depends on the extent of the damage. Large, extensive rips and tears may require replacing the entire roof while a slight damage may only require repair.

Decaying Underlay

If your underlay is worn out, the only way to fix it is to have it replaced. Remember the underlay works together with the tiles to protect your structure by preventing water from seeping into your home. While a tear in your roof’s underlay can be easy to fix, a decayed or worn out underlay needs replacing. Well, you may need to install a new roof when replacing the underlay since you must remove the tiles first.

Mold Growth

Mold grows and thrives in moist and dark environments. In most cases, mold will grow on your flat roof as a result of pooling. If you notice large amounts of mold on the outside of your commercial or residential flat roof, it’s time to have your roof treated using the right chemicals. This may also mean fixing the pooling problem so water can flow off your roof. If not fixed, the mold can force the tiles apart thereby causing water to leak into your house.

Other signs include a leaking flat roof, tears in the membrane, broken shingles, and blisters on the surface of your roof (for a tar and gravel roof). Don’t ignore a simple flat roof repair as it may get out of hand and lead to a complete roof replacement.